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Eliza Davies is a longstanding academic tutor (University of Lublin: 1990-1995; Catholic University of Lublin: 1995-2001)

* teacher trainer in English and German.

* certified translator in German and Polish since 1987.

* experienced conference interpreter in both modes: consecutive and simultaneous for Polish, English and German 

   since 1989.

* recognized public speaker - Advanced Speaker Bronze 2012 from Toastmasters International with a variety of 

   speeches delivered across Sussex clubs and competitions including the Corporate Challenge in London 

Eliza is also the co-founder of Lewes Speakers Club and active member of Eastbourne and Battle Speakers mentoring new members to good effect

published poet (www.elizadavies.wordpress.com) "My Love of England and Four Others" - available on Amazon









chopin ballade 4

by Eliza Davies © June 2013



she comes
from the whispers of the sleeping sand
as if images half there
were caught in the photograph
on a strong air
as if an invisible golden frame
embraced the world
or was it the arms of a loving god
as if a bare anticipation soared high
like your eyes in a middle of a smile
before the reason overcomes

oh the fabric of your music
makes my soul cry
even though you hear no tear
yet the f minor key prevails
white crushing waves
a nightingale
old human fear
you must have been there
in love
in pain
in vain?
kołysz mnie – ukołysz
w tulipanach twoich rąk
w zieleni łodyg wilgotnych od łez
gdzie serce jak mały ptak i głębokie
w kalejdoskopie barw smaków i czuć
ty jesteś wiosną
która miała przyjść
jesteś – nie – stąd
ty kładziesz na mnie szale twoich ciepłych słów
dwoje oczu obmytych w wodospadach rzek dobrych
i dalekich mórz

więc ukołysz mnie prosto tak i cicho
jak gdyby to kot
wyszedł na spotkanie księżyca
w środku bezpiecznej nocy
i pił twój czar rozlany
po strumieniu gwiazd
aksamit twoich ust
srebro warg
chcę usnąć już
zatrzymać czas





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