Advanced Technology Watercraft (Hybrid vessels using solar, battery, wind and fossil fuel power, Sydney, Australia)

American Marine Electric Motor Corp. (AMEMCO, electric marine outboard motors)

AsmoMarine (Electric auxiliary propulsion systems for sailboats, Denmark)

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (Fuel cell technology)

Beckmann's Boatshop Limited (Fiberglass electric boats & propulsion systems, Slocum, Rhode Island)

Black River Boats (Douglas Little, author and builder of wooden electric small boats, Rose Hill, North Carolina)

Bobcat Boats (Small electric fishing and duck hunting boats)

The Børresen 10m Odysse (Cruising sailboat with an electric auxiliary)

Budsin Wood Craft (Electric boats and yacht tenders, Marshallberg, North Carolina)

Cloud Electric (Supplier of components for electric vehicles, Tukwila, Washington)

Cobalt Marine (Electric boat builder, Cobalt, Connecticut)

Curtis Instruments (Manufacturer of motor controllers)

Darryl McMahon's Electric Boat & Outboard Links

Duffy Electric Boat Co. (Luxury electric pleasure craft)

eCanoe Motors (Makes a dual-motor electric propulsion system for canoes, kayaks, and other small watercraft)

Ecocats Limited (6-15 metre catamarans fitted with a variety of sail, solar, bio fuel, fuel cell, CNG or diesel/electric powerplants)

Eco Friendly Marine Transport Links at Ecocats

Econogics' Electric Boats and Outboards Links

eCycle (Manufacturers of brushless motor/generators and controls)

ElectraCraft (Builder of electric powered boats)

The Electric Boat Association of the Americas (EBAA)

The Electric Boat Association of the United Kingdom

The Electric Boats Mailing List

The Electric Boats Message Board

The Electric Boats Web Pages

Electric Launch Company (ELCO)

The Electric Motor Warehouse (1/12 to 300 hp)

The Electric Vehicle Association of America (EVAA)

ElectroCraft EV Systems (Designer and manufacturer of electric vehicle electronic components, including motor controllers)

Electro Cruise Boats (Electric boats, drive systems)

ElectroProp Yacht Power & Propulsion (Fuel cell power & propulsion systems for yachts)

Ernie's Electric Catfish Beachcruiser (A modified Bolger design)

The Etek Electric Outboard Motor Project (Jim Rudholm builds an electric outboard and tests it on a Bolger Diablo and Sneakeasy)

Experimental Boating Fun (Small catamaran with a trolling motor, and kites too!)

Foster's Troll'n Motor Repairs-Sales (Parts for all major brands)

FuelCellStore.com (Hydrogen fuel cell energy systems, fuel cell consulting & education)

The Grand Valley State University Solar Powered Boat

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Numero Uno (University of New Orleans Solar Splash competition electric catamaran)

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Outboard Electric Corp. (Maker of high performance electric outboard motors, Bridgeport, Connecticut)

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The QCYC Tender Mailing List (Gathering research comparing ICE and electric motors, playing with ideas for an efficient 40-person ferryboat service across Toronto harbour)

Ray Electric Outboards

Reservoir Runner Electric Outboard Motors

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Zevco (Zero Emission Vehicle Company Limited, electric drive with alkaline fuel cells)




  • Duffy Electric Boat Co. - manufacturer of luxury electric pleasure craft. 14 to 21 foot battery powered boats for fresh and saltwater markets worldwide.

  • Solar Sailor - developer of the patented Solar Sailor Wing, used with advanced technology solar/electric watercraft.

  • Budsin Woodcraft Electric Boats - handcrafted from mahogany and ash, used as yacht tenders or personal watercraft.

  • Ray Electric Outboards, Inc - manufacturers of electric outboard designed to propel your boat as a primary power source.

  • Cobalt Marine Electric Boats - specializing in electric boats with innovative propulsion and control systems.

  • Electra Craft - electric boat manufacturer and reseller.

  • Electric Launch Company - ELCO manufactures electric launches, drives for motor boats and sailboats, and upgrades, retrofits and restores electric motor boats.

  • SpinCraft Electric Boats, Ltd. - quiet and environmentally safe for the cottage or use in rental fleets.

  • Busch Marine - offers non-polluting electric boats in styles inspired by the New England launches of the 1930s.







In 1995 it was proposed by our designer that a solar powered boat would be able to circumnavigate the globe using only energy from nature. He displayed the first of his development models at the Earls Court boat show in London into 1996. 


On the 4th of May 2012 the theory was proven to be correct by Raphael Domjan and his superb boat the Turanor Planetsolar, thanks to generous sponsorship by Candido Swiss watches and Immosolar, leaders in the field of solar energy management.


Now the benchmark has been set, it will undoubtedly inspire others. As with so many things once a pioneer has shown the way, inevitably, the record stands like mountain to be scaled.



The Solar Navigator autonomous electric ship

Solarnavigator is a battery electric trimaran with an extremely efficient hull that runs on solar power




With a boat the most important component on the agenda is the hull. Solar powered boats provide marine architects with new challenges. There are as yet no conventions. Nobody knows what will work best, because so little has been put to the test. We can attest to that because we've tried 5 hull designs to date, improving on each one. Two SWATH designs, two catamarans and a trimaran. The 6th design is not strictly speaking a trimaran, it does though have three hulls; so we're billing it as a trimaran. A hull design like this has not been built like this to date, to overcome the ever present drag and wave drag dilemma.


The other major challenge is panel design. How do you increase panel area and get as much of it facing the sun when the sun moves relative to the route, and of course keep the boat stable in all seas. We wanted at least 2 kilowatts per ton of vessel mass and can comfortably achieve that.


Not to detract from the incredible achievements of the PlanetSolar team, but the SolarNavigator project aims to improve on the record 0f 585 days set in May 2012 with our brand new design with more than twice the power to weight ratio of the current record holder. 


This project represents a unique opportunity for any global company with eco friendly ambitions. If this is of interest to you please let Blueplanet Productions know using the contact details below. See the breathtaking video of PlanetSolar below to get a handle on the sort of publicity that Solarnavigator can generate.





(1) Scheduled start-up date for the action: June 2013

(2) The duration of the construction is 6 months.

(3) Launch target: January 2014.

(4) The duration of the navigation is 8 months to September 2014.

(5) Events & hospitality for a further 12 months to September 2015.




Email:  Email 21st Century Caves  or phone UK:


+ 44 (0) 1323 831727    +44 (0) 7842 607865


Blueplanet Netdirect Productions, Solar House, BN27 1RF, United Kingdom





Planet Solar docks in Hong Kong



European Commission star circle logo



Cyber Wars, an adventure story (book) featuring John Storm and the Solar Navigator by Jameson Hunter


The design of the Solar Navigator boat has been licensed for use in

the John Storm series of books by Jameson Hunter


This website is copyright © 1991- 2012 Electrick Publications. All rights reserved. The bird logo and names Solar Navigator and Blueplanet Ecostar are trademarks ™.  The Blueplanet vehicle configuration is registered ®.  All other trademarks hereby acknowledged and please note that this project should not be confused with the Australian: 'World Solar Challenge'™which is a superb road vehicle endurance race from Darwin to Adelaide.  Max Energy Limited is an educational charity working hard to promote world peace.