Where does 'SOLARADE' fit in to the UK soft drinks market?

'Solarade' is part of the functional drinks market. These are sparkling, still and dilutable products, designed to help:

  • Replace lost minerals, sugars, trace elements and fluids after exercise

  • Boost or replace lost energy from ill health or general feeling of weariness

  • Stimulate concentration or awareness

The functional drinks market includes:

  • Sports drinks

  • Energy drinks

  • Vitamin and mineral-enriched drinks

  • ACE drinks (fortified with A, C or E antioxidant vitamins)

  • Wellness drinks

  • Nutraceutical drinks

  • Near-water drinks

  • Herbal drinks



Soft drinks cabinet display


A typical soft drinks cabinet



The main brands that dominate the take-home sector of the market are listed below. Note that this list includes all soft drink brands, so products that occupy smaller niches of the market are not listed:


Top 12 Take-Home UK Brands by Value 2002


Top Take-Home Soft Drinks Suppliers by Value (£million) 2002

  • Coca Cola Enterprises - 1312

  • Britvic Soft Drinks - 557

  • GlaxoSmithKline - 308

  • Danone Water - 122

  • Tropicana UK - 120

  • AG Barr - 113

  • Gerber Foods - 98

  • Red Bull - 65

  • Proctor and Gamble - 55

  • Del Monte - 54

  • Own Label - 997


Top Take-Home Soft Drinks Suppliers by Volume (litres m) 2002

  • Coca Cola Enterprises - 1580

  • Britvic Soft Drinks - 707

  • Danone Water - 222

  • GlaxoSmithKline - 195

  • AG Barr - 157

  • Gerber Foods - 103

  • Tropicana UK - 68

  • Proctor and Gamble - 68

  • Princes Soft Drinks - 63

  • Highland Spring - 61

  • Own Label - 2194


The market for functional drinks and foods is growing as food and drink companies seek to benefit from the social trend towards personal well-being and healthier lifestyles. This is accompanied by the demographic reality of an ageing population; a greater proportion of the population is middle aged and elderly. These people are attracted to products that offer regenerative or rejuvenating properties.


In addition, younger consumers are drawn towards products that offer legal 'highs'. This can be seen in the nicknames that certain drinks attracted from its key consumer segment. It appears from this ready growth, that there is a gap in the market for am energy drink with a new flavour and a genuinely beneficial formula designed to restore health or otherwise replace lost energy.



Market Analysis: The soft drinks brands sold by each supplier



Coca Cola Enterprises

  • Coca Cola including Diet Coke

  • Fanta

  • Schweppes

  • Sprite

  • Alive

  • Aquana

  • Bonaqua

  • Burn

  • Canada Dry

  • Cresta

  • Dr Pepper

  • Five Alive

  • Frutonic

  • Hawaii

  • Kia-Ora

  • Kinley

  • Lilt

  • Malvern

  • Minute Maid

  • Oasis

  • POWERade

  • Roses


Britvic Soft Drinks

  • Abbey Well mineral water

  • Ame revitalising drink

  • Aqua Libra health drink

  • Britvic fruit juices, mixers and cordials

  • IceBlast frozen carbonated drink

  • Idris ginger beer, cream soda and dandelion & burdock

  • J2O 50% fruit juice range

  • Red Devil stimulant energy drink

  • Pepsi sold under license by Britvic since 1987

  • Purdey's multi-vitamin fruit drinks

  • Robinsons bought by Britvic in 1995

  • R Whites lemonade

  • Shandy Bass

  • Tango bought by Britvic in 1986

  • 7UP bought in 1987


Danone Water

  • Volvic

  • Danone Activ

  • Evian

  • Aqua

  • Danone is also a market leading company in fresh dairy products, cereals and snacks



  • Lucozade

  • Horlicks

  • Ribena

  • GlaxoSmithKline is one of the top companies in pharmaceutical and healthcare products


AG Barr (Barrs)

  • Irn-Bru

  • Orangina franchised to Barrs in 1995

  • Ka carbonated soft drinks

  • Tizer bought in 1972

  • Lipton Ice Tea

  • D & B (Dandelion and Burdock)

  • Simply Citrus launched in 2000

  • Findlays Scottish mineral water

  • Iron Bru 32 - energy drink


Gerber Foods

  • Sunpride

  • Southern Delight

  • Southern Gold

  • Produce and package many own label* drinks for supermarkets and food retailing groups

  • Packaging other brand owners products such as: Ocean Spray, Welch's, Libby's Organic and C, Um Bongo, Thomas the Tank Engine juice drinks and Sunny D


Tropicana UK

  • Tropicana fruit drinks


Procter and Gamble

  • Sunny Delight

  • P & G is one of the world's biggest companies, making products in beauty and hygiene, hair care, animal nutrition, household and food and drink.


Princes Soft Drinks

  • Major producer of own label* soft drinks

  • Also produces Jucee, Twist 'n' Squeeze, Aqua Pura and Princes juices

  • Makes and sells under licence Virgin Cola, Ocean Spray squash and Cape fruit juices


Highland Spring

  • Highland Spring mineral water range

  • Gleneagles premium mineral water

  • Watermedia promotional bottled water


*Own label products are generic versions of goods often sold under brand names. Supermarket retailers, for example, stock versions of popular soft drinks' brands such as colas and lemonades, which carry the supermarket's name, rather than that of a premium brand's name. Own label products are almost always cheaper than premium brands, as the development and marketing costs of supplying them are usually lower.



Data source: Britvic Soft Drinks Category Report 2003


(Information sourced generally from own company Web sites)





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