Solar Navigator stealth ship twin hull SWATH vessel.


Solar Navigator: 2nd (SWATH

development model 1997 - Manned ship


Solar Navigator: 6th (SWASH

development model 2012

Unmanned robot ship. Symbolic of advancement of man.

Patent published September 2014


SeaVax is an autonomous ocean waste cleaning robot ship


PLASTIC ocean waste pollution solution. This autonomous ship could be the answer that the many organizations seeking to draw attention to the problem - are looking for.



WELCOME - This website is to do with all things sustainable, to educate and influence those who will go out into the world to find new cures or develop new machines and processes. Man has come a long way - but still has a long way to go and you can help.


Sustainability is about protecting life as we know it. In order to do that we have to understand where we have come from, where we are and where we want to be in 50 or 500 years. But, humans do not think that far ahead. Politicians in particular are really only thinking about their next term, and unfortunately, they steer life on earth - only listening to the people many years in hindsight - but people power is able to influence world leaders.


Sustainability is about caring for life and the planet we live on. This takes many forms. We are concerned about climate change and extinction. We are worried about poverty, hunger and disease. For these reasons we follow the latest trends and report on subjects from a positive point of view.


This site began as a project to send the fifty foot boat at the top left around the world on solar power. The objectives were noble in 1995 and many years ahead of their time. Then in May of 2012 the Turanor PlanetSolar completed the first solar powered circumnavigation, proving the concept.


Building on that achievement, from 2012, Solar Navigator became a project to repeat the world navigation on energy from nature, but without a crew on board. This is because robotics is one of the next major advances for man. In 2014, Rolls Royce suggested that unmanned ships could be a reality as a more efficient means of transporting goods by sea. With such high rollers in agreement, it is no longer worth us continuing to lead that charge. We will though be looking at advanced uses for robotic ships - such as for ocean cleaning duties, to help restore our precious seas to their former state and to prevent over-fishing from degrading our oceans further.


We are also concerned about sustainable land transport and the almost complete lack of infrastructure for electric vehicles. And, lastly, we are supporters of affordable zero carbon housing. Once again promoting progression for all of mankind, thus in turn for all life on earth. Thank you for visiting us; live long and prosper. COF Ltd




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