The AYRS is an organisation which encourages all those interested in yacht design, to get involved.  It does not matter to the Society if you are a professional designer or builder, or a DIY enthusiast with your own ideas about improving yacht design.   It is, however, a fact that AYRS members have over the years contributed to the development of: the winged keel, multi-hull design, self-steering gear, hydrofoils and much more.  Speed, efficiency and alternative propulsion systems are high on the agenda.



Nelson Kruschandl - Member AYRS


AYRS is dedicated to finding out how to make yachting better (faster, more fun, whatever you want it to be). Our members run from sober-sided professional yacht designers and builders to bearded eccentrics full of ideas that they cannot make work. From our members have come the winged keel, modern sailing multihulls, self-steering gear, sailboards, a flock of successful sailing hydrofoils, the World Speed Sailing Record system, etc etc. Now people are taking off with kiteboats and autogyro-sails, and the first amphibious bicycle!


Membership of the AYRS is open to anyone interested in yacht research & development. The AYRS is a registered Educational Charity (No 234081).  Registered office: 9 Lynton Road, Thorpe Bay, Essex, SS1 3BE

BCM AYRS, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.


Patron:   HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh



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AYRS publications provide a wealth of information to all those interested in yachting design and experimentation.  There are more than 120 publications dealing with almost every aspect of yachting:  
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Members projects:   Peter Worsley on Rotary Sailing     Cedric Savineau's on Speed Sailing




General sources    Free designs     Home Boat Builders    Internet books and essays

Free boat design software    Dynawing     Open-source boat design

Steam bending  Gregg Germain and FAQ on steam bending.

Beach cat  An impressive high-tech attempt to develop a high performing beach cat.

Updated canoe sailing pages  Craig O'D & Dan Miller's pages, with on-line books they're in the process of putting up.

Inspiration, if you need it  Not much in the way of designs here, but good boating inspiration from this man - Fritz is a champion among design-it-yourself boat builders.

New link to Jaques Mertens-Goosens  Update your link to Jaques Mertens-Goosens site, which includes a good amount of excellent boat building and rigging advice, as well as his own excellent design catalogue.

Proa link  Check out some pictures and design material.

Paddle wheels  Michael B Holt on paddle wheels.  How they work, etc. 

Plyboats  New design software! The highly regarded Plyboats boat design software in the form of a usable demo.

Carlson Design Goodies  Gregg Carlson's page includes free mast design programs for round wooden masts. The first develops strakes for round masts, while the second calculates mast size and strength for stayed and unstayed rigs based on sail area and wood types.

New free CAD source  If you've tried the free version of TurboCAD, you might like to try this one. It looks a bit complex, but it does offer three dimensional working. 

New release of Hulls  Gregg Carlson's "plywood hull developer" in a new version that takes the maximum up to 10 chines.

Hull optimising software  The Michlet hull optimiser is free for personal use.

Hull drag software  Optimise your next hull for drag.

Multihull stability   A serious-looking stab at the subject of multihull stability.

Recreational Craft Directive   

European rules - an essay to shed some light.  These rules may be in the name of safety, however it appears to us that as more red tape is introduced, hobbyists are less likely to attempt to design and build their own boats.  Provided persons building their own boats stay in home or international waters, this may not be a problem.

Try visiting the boat design webring: http://boatdesign.net.ring

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