Wind power is not just for terrestrial or offshore generation - it's also useful for transport



Boeing Pelican giant cargo aircraft


The aircraft, like the car, has become an indispensable form of transport and part of everyday life.  Yet airplanes pollute our skies with noise and thus our planet with carbon dioxide and monoxide.  In fact, this is one form of transport we could well do without, except in cases of considerable emergency. The bulk of flights carry passengers to exotic locations and mail and other cargo all over the world, which could be transported by non-polluting means. Alternatively, we could develop other eco friendly transport systems to free us to use polluting air transport with a clean conscience. Think about this when you book your next holiday abroad. What is wrong with where you live? Take a Youtube tour, it's not far off. Perhaps one day we will be able to enjoy virtual trips to foreign lands. Here, here.


Development of aviation led to rockets (although the Chinese invented rockets way back) and eventually to space missions, hence one technology owes a lot to the other.



Breitling jet aerobatic team Biggin Hill June 2006


 Breitling jet aerobatic team Biggin Hill June 2006



Aircraft and helicopters are also formidable weapons in time of war and one reason the technology has developed so quickly.  Every country fears their neighbour and wants to maintain a fighting force just in case.  Until world leaders can settle their differences in a more civilised way, I guess that's how it's going to remain. So, the battle for theoretical supremacy continues.






Aircraft Insurance

Air Traffic Control

Apollo Space Program


Avro Lancaster

BAE Systems

Biggin Hill

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet - 777 mysterious flight

Boeing Bell Osprey

Breitling Aerobatics

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Rolls


Eastbourne Airbourne

Enola Gay - Bomber Hiroshima

European Space Agency - ESA

Galileo satellite navigation

General Atomics MQ9 drone

Gloster Meteor

Hawker Hurricane




Hawker Harrier

Hercules Spruce Goose


Inmarsat - Geostationary Satellites

Jet Engine - Frank Whittle

Lockheed Martin F16

Moon Walk

Northrop F89 Scorpion

Panasonic Oxyride

Rolls Royce Merlin Engine


Schneider Trophy History

Schneider Trophy Planes

Solar Lady - electric model

Space Shuttle  -  Discovery

Supermarine Spitfire

The Red Arrows

USAF - United States Air Force

Utterly Butterly

Wright Brothers






Meanwhile, aircraft are beautiful machines and there is nothing to prevent anyone enjoying the exotic lines or purposeful grace of some of the nicest playthings man has crafted.  Indeed, they are fun to fly and lest we forget, they extend our capabilities beyond the wildest dreams of our forefathers.



Biplane, twin engined petrol powered




A taste for adventure capitalists


An Astute class nuclear submarine is taken by extremists threatening world order


When a state of the art submarine falls into extremist hands

John Storm is called in to disarm the renegade craft.



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