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The Charity Commission is established by law as the regulator and registrar for charities in England and Wales.  Their stated aim is to provide the best possible regulation of charities in England and Wales in order to increase charities' effectiveness and public confidence and trust. 


Concerning the Solar Navigator project and Max Energy Limited, this website and supporting companies, these companies have been in communication with the Charity Commission with a view to registering as and when registration is an advantage to us and our sponsors.  Should any person or group wish to donate a substantial sum, or sponsor us in any amount such as would benefit from registration, be assured we are ready to apply and have taken the necessary steps in advance to speed the process through.  Please contact us for further details.  Contributions to charity are 100% tax deductible.



The Charity Commission
Woodfield House
Tangier, Taunton, TA1 4BL

Tel: 0870 333 0123


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Important notes for users


The charity details available on the Register of Charities are updated on a regular basis as the Commission is informed of changes. This may mean that occasional inaccuracies occur. These are corrected as soon as errors are drawn to their attention. The trustees of a charity have a legal duty to tell the Commission about any changes to these details and, every year, they are sent a Register Check form, which enables them to check and update key information. If you see something that you think might be incorrect in relation to your charity, please let the Commission  know so they are able to correct the Register entry. Contact: 0845 300 0218.


About the Register of Charities



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What information is given on the Register?


The following information is given for every charity on the Register:



Charity Registration Number


In practice every charity registered with the Charity Commission is given a unique registration number. This is the number they must quote when raising funds.



Main/Group Charity Name


This is the charity's legal name as set out in its governing document. It may be better known by a working name. Where the Commission has been informed about the use of that name it will be given, too.



Old Names


These are any previous names by which the charity has been known.



Working Names


These are any working names or acronyms which we have been told the Charity uses.





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