This is a list of companies (or projects) operating in the field of renewable energy. This is a link exchange, the aim being to promote and make the public aware of renewable energy enterprises.




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Ambit Energy, Dallas, Texas

Looking for electric companies in Texas USA? Ambit Energy is a leading electric company located in Dallas. They offer phenomenal utility services at reasonable rates.


American Solar Energy Society


The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment. ASES promotes the widespread near-term and long-term use of solar energy. ASES sponsors the National Solar Energy Conference, publishes SOLAR TODAY magazine and Advances in Solar Energy, publishes white papers, sponsors issue Roundtables in Washington, DC, distributes solar publications, organizes a Solar Action Network and has regional chapters throughout the country. ASES is the United States Section of the International Solar Energy Society.


Avista Corp.

Fuel Cells: Proton Exchange membrane fuel cell



BP Solar

Solar electric (PV) supplier. Largest manufacturer of polycrystalline silicon PV modules and cells. Links to PV information.


Building Energy Links



Chris and Grant's Solar Page

Information of solar energy, solar cars, solar thermal plants, and photovoltaic plants.


Cut Oil  -  Cut Oil Imports  This site is focused on boosting America's  national security by reducing foreign oil imports. We promote  US-based alternative energy (i.e. solar, wind and ethanol).



C-FAC Reference Library

The C-FAC reference library. Many articles on solar and wind energy that you can download.


Davis Energy

Our work encompasses efficient cooling, heating, and building systems, including system analysis, design, controls, simulations, product development, and technology transfer.


Energy Saving Products, Inc.,

Indirect Evaporative Cooling System. Decent explanation of the system.


Energy Star

Information about Energy Star Products



Energy Star Homes

The Energy Star Homes program promotes voluntary partnership with home builders to construct residences that are 30% more energy efficient than the current Model Energy Code.


Energy Design Resources

Energy Design Resources offers a new palette of energy design tools and resources that make it easier to design and build energy efficient commercial and industrial buildings in Southern California


Energy Scheming at Wash. U.

Information and tools geared to help students understand energy concepts and design energy efficient buildings.


Energy Program, Dept. Of Architecture, Texas A&M University

Information on energy use (computer programs) and daylighting.



Florida Solar Energy Center

The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) is the largest and most active state-supported renewable energy an energy efficiency research, training and certified institute in the United States. An institute of the University of Central Florida (UCF), FSEC functions asthe state's energy research, training and certification center. FSEC is located on a 20-acre research complex on Florida's Space Coast at UCF's Cocoa Campus, 35miles east of Orlando. Our online building tour lets you see and read about many of the attributes that make our offices one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world.



Heliotrope General

Manufacturers of alternative energy products


Home Power Magazine

The Hands On Journal of Home-Made Power


H Power

Fuel Cell Supplier


Home Energy Saver

By supplying your zip code the web page comes up with energy saving tips for you.

Scientific and engineering information and resource locator.



Housing and Appliances

Case Studies and Articles on Energy Efficient Housing Links




IEA Solar Heating and Cooling

Several research tasks about solar energy and its uses


Knowledge Integration Environment

How can Sunlight be Used to Cool a House?



Maine Solar House

A solar house under construction in Maine - In the UK see: Utopia Tristarô


Mr. Solar Page

100 solar electric articles--complete solar electric catalogue & world wide contacts.

Photovoltaic Facades of Reduced Costs Incorporating Devices with Optically Concentrating Elements

Reduce the cost of photovoltaic facades by incorporating a non-tracking optical concentrating element which will require approximately one third of the area of silicon solar cells to produce the same amount of power.



National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Links

The US Dept. Of Energy's Laboratory for renewable energy & energy efficiency research, development & deployment. Good source of information. A lot of links about PVs



National Microelectronics Research Centre, Ireland

Contains a list of case studies using passive heating.



Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) conducts basic and applied research and development to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions that strengthen the nation's leadership in key areas of science; increase the availability of clean, abundant energy; restore and protect the environment; and contribute to national security.



Photovoltaic Power Information Resources

Site for the coordination and dissemination of information of global photovoltaic (PV) technologies, applications, history, and resources.


Plug Power

Fuel cell supplier: website contains information on a completely fuel cell powered house: BASIC information/FAQ for fuel cells



Ray Bahm and Associates

Solar Energy Resource Information, design of solar energy systems and links to other information


Solar Boat Circumnavigation

Global Greet can is a solar powered catamaran, circumnavigating from the UK, no use of sails or fossil fuels.


Solar Cooking Archive

Information for the solar cooking movement. Contains plans for building solar ovens.



Sun Power: The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis

A plan using solar power satellites



Solar Energy Industries Association

Links of Solar Products and services



Solar Industries/Aquatherm Industries

Manufacturers of Solar Pool Heating Devices




An initiative to learn and serve the Earth with renewable resources. Has articles about current homes/buildings with solar energy.




Solstice is the Internet information service of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), and is your site for Sustainable Energy and Development Information.



The Solar Energy Network




Trace Engineering

Maker of advanced and reliable inverters, power systems, and power components. Offers suggestions on various applications (i.e. renewable energy, utility, RV, etc)



The North Carolina Solar Center

A program in the College of Engineering at NC State University that provides programs and resources to help people in NC take advantage of solar energy. Has a Solar House



The Solar Now Project

Basic information that promotes education about renewable energy and the environment



The Berkeley Vital Signs Project

The Berkeley curriculum: Vital Signs--aims to incorporate matters of building physical performance into the education of architects...instill in architecture students a fundamental awareness about the numerous ways in which design decisions affect a building's physical performance--from energy use, to indoor environmental quality, to occupant well being.



UCLA Energy Design Tools

Free downloadable software that models energy & climate data



Sol Ideas

Research into Environmental and Optoelectronic Technology. Instructions on how to build your own solar cell. Information on a UV detector designed for a safety shutoff on a water purification system.




Manufacturers of solar water heaters.



University of Ulster--Centre for Sustainable Technologies

Multidisciplinary research to create, develop, improve, demonstrate and evaluate merging, existing and alternative sustainable renewable energy, building design, construction materials and environmental modification technologies.










Evaporative Cooling




Manufacturer of evaporative cooling systems. Good diagram of the evaporative cooling system.



Manufactures of small portable personal evaporative coolers. Okay website. Okay explanation of very basics of evaporative cooling. Decent explanation of how their product works.


Port a Cool

Manufacturer of evaporative cooling devices. Okay website. Good explanation on evaporative cooling.


Premier Industries, Inc.

Manufacturers of Evaporative Coolers. Good web page about Evaporative cooling. about evaporative cooling! provides good information about the process.


VAL Products--PolAir

Makers of Pad Systems of Evaporative Cooling










Blue Planet earth Solar Cola soft drink can design


Solar Cola - the healthier alternative



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