CFS Engineering

CFS Engineering is a consultancy company founded in 1999, and located at the Business Park (PSE) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. The mission of CFS Engineering is: To offer services in the Numerical Simulation of Fluid Mechanics and Structural Mechanics Engineering Problems. Applications are architectural and civil engineering problems. Numerical simulation of complex engineering problems is getting increasingly important in design, but it requires highly specialized knowledge and tools. CFS Engineering has this knowledge and the tools to work with its customers to better understand the physics of complex engineering problems, with as ultimate goal to improve the product design and/or performance.

    • Product types: wind energy systems, wind turbines, solar roofing systems, civil engineering constructions.
    • Address: PSE-B, Lausanne, VD Switzerland 1015
    • Telephone: +41 21 693 84 69
    • Web Site:
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Cetiner Foreign Trade

    • Business type: wholesale supplier, exporter
    • Product types: wind turbines (small), wind energy systems (small), wind energy towers and structures (small), lead acid batteries, solar water heating systems.
    • Address: Cengiz Topel Cad. Suleymanpasa Sok. No: 4, Izmit, Kocaeli TURKEY 41040
    • Telephone: +902623353744
    • Web Site:
    • E-mail: Send Email to Cetiner Foreign Trade

Cygnus Renewable Energy

Design and development of cost effective renewable energy systems, primarily for rural, village and decentralised urban power generation.

    • Business type: manufacturer, wholesale supplier, exporter
    • Product types: wind energy systems (small), wind turbines (small), cogeneration systems, solar electric power systems, fuel cell systems.
    • Address: Level 25, Chielfley Tower 2 Chiefley Square, Sydney, NSW Australia 2000
    • Telephone: +612 98177665
    • Web Site:
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Cascade Mountain Distributors


Cheapest Solar

    • Business type: retail sales
    • Product types: solar electric power systems, photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic modules, backup power systems, dc to ac power inverters, battery charge controllers, wind turbines (small).
    • Address: P.O. Box 23, Calpella, California USA 95418
    • Telephone: 1-707-485-6119


Conkorde Aircraft Services, Inc.

    • Business type: retail sales
    • Product types: photovoltaic modules, solar electric power systems, DC to AC power inverters, renewable energy system batteries, wind energy systems (small), wind turbines (small), photovoltaic systems.
    • Service types: design, installation
    • Address: 2444 E. Oakton St., Arlington Heights, Illinois USA 60005
    • Telephone: 847-758-WIND
    • FAX: 847-758-0097


Turn to Daystar Energy Systems, Inc. for performance and satisfaction with your renewable energy system. We provide design, installation and maintenance with a Customer-First attitude. Do you want to reduce your electric bill? Add to your property value? Get off the grid? Use cleaner energy sources? Stop buying foreign oil? Protect yourself in case of service interruption? Visit our website or give us a call, we love to talk about solar! You'll receive a free site assessment, cost-benefit analysis, professional installation, code and permit compliance, rebate coordination, customer training and full warranties. Harnessing solar and wind resources in Upstate NY, PA and Northeast OH.

    • Business type: Sales and Installation
    • Product types: photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic modules, solar roofing systems, solar electric power systems, sun concentrating photovoltaic systems, wind turbines (small).
    • Service types: Installation and maintenance
    • Address: Five Cliffordale Park, Rochester , New York USA 14609
    • Telephone: (585) 704-5226
    • Web Site:
    • E-mail: Send Email to DAYSTAR ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC.


DDS Alternative Energy

    • Business type: manufacturer, retail sales, engineering
    • Product types: photovoltaic modules, wind turbines (small), DC to AC power inverters, DC to DC power converters, wind energy system components (small) .
    • Address: Arnold Road, Stoke Golding, Warwickshire United Kingdom CV13 6JG
    • Telephone: +44 (0)1455 213728
    • FAX: +44 (0)1455 213084


DSH Solar Electric Company

    • Business type: Licensed Electrical Contractor #C-10 HIC 711648
    • Product types: We are a proud dealer of the following companies; Trace/Xantrex, BP Solar/Solarex, Sunny Boy, Solar Depot, South West Wind, Tile trac racks, and Unirack. .
    • Service types: Design, retail sales, installation, contractor services, certified electronics tech. on staff
    • Address: 817 Arthur Avenue, Oceanside, California USA 92057
    • Telephone: 760-533-6151
    • FAX: 760-757-2576



Driveswarehouse stocks a wide variety of AC Motors and DC Motors. All products from Driveswarehouse are backed up 12 months warranty and tech. support by a company that has been in drives business over 45 years.

6770 Twin Hills Avenue
Dallas, TX 75231, U.S.A.










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