The adventures of JOHN STORM and the ELIZABETH SWAN


The Golden Skull  by Jameson Hunter




A high tech swashbuckler of an adventure





In 1716 the veteran mercenary, English Teach (Blackbeard) was declared a pirate again, having once been pardoned. He was famous for his thick black beard and fearsome features which terrified sailors when they were being boarded. He lay in wait for ships plying passage to the east coast of the American colonies, then caught in a trap he mercilessly sacked those ships for their cargoes rich in gold, jewels and other artifacts.


Teach soon amassed a fortune in treasure aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, a 40 cannon French built merchant ship, stashing his booty secretly in the Caribbean Islands. Then on the 22nd of November 1718 a British naval taskforce led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard captured and beheaded the troublesome pirate after a bloody battle, but his treasure trove was never found save for a paltry £2,200 worth of sugar, cocoa and cotton. It was though known that he had plundered royal transports and acquired many chests full of the rarest gemstones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The US and UK governors were baffled - but they'd killed the only man who could tell them where his fortune was hidden.





The Golden Skull, a John Storm adventure by Jameson Hunter          Blackbeard the Pirate's Treasure Island by Jameson Hunter



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Lord Huntington (Hunt), a prominent member of the British Geographical Society, acquires an ancient parchment on the deathbed of a famous explorer. The parchment was handed down through generations, it contains clues to the location of Teach's secret treasure trove on an Island in the Caribbean, said to be guarded by a macabre human spirit manifesting itself as a golden crystal human skull


One huge obstacle to recovery of this treasure trove is that these islands are newly patrolled by the US and South American navies who are in a tense cold war situation arising from territorial water disputes and fishing rights.


Lord Hunt hires John Storm for his expertise in marine archaeology, as a consultant to the expedition and his amazing solar powered ship, the Elizabeth Swan, for its stealth cloaking ability making the boat invisible to radar - hence able to slip through the military blockade.


They find the Island avoiding contact with any of the Bolivarian Republic's (of Venezuela) warships which might arouse curiosities but despite all efforts to keep the reason for the expedition a secret from the crew, the word is leaked out by a one of Huntington's arch rivals to a corrupt naval officer, who engages a cutthroat gang of mercenaries to steal the treasure and glory for himself.


The treacherous rival gang soon invades the Island intent on getting the treasure for themselves, having first sabotaged the Elizabeth Swan .......






















Bermuda triangle shipwrecks mystery


510,30’N, 00 S

Chapter 1


SKY News – Maritime celebrations and Blackbeard pirate lore.  


Chapter 2


EXPEDITION - Lord Hunt’s group acquire funding from geographic society for expedition. Crystal Skull of doom archaeology and alien myth. (Skull curse) Archaeological quest cover for unofficial treasure hunt 'Hispaniola'


Chapter 3


John Storm (JS) lecture on marine archaeology Mary Rose and Captain Kidd 


Chapter 4


Admiralty endorse Lord Hunt’s mission: 'Hispaniola' secret destination.  


Chapter 5


Hunt hires John Storm for expertise and Elizabeth Swan as portable lab.  


Chapter 6


Secret destination revealed to JS as Crooked Island. (Count Monte Christo)


Chapter 7


Provisioning and preparations 


Chapter 8


John Long signs on with false credentials as cartographer.  


Chapter 9


Cast off and across the Atlantic to Caribbean Sea, avoiding military


Chapter 10


Satellite survey Island using latest technology. Pearl Cove; Ruby Mountains


Chapter 11


Ride storm then suffer solar doldrums


Chapter 12


SOS distress call and rescue young lad and sister (blue lagoon). Long takes shine to lad.


Chapter 13


Landing on the Island past military – cannibal rituals evident.  


Chapter 14


Lord Hunt gets caught with secret map previously undisclosed


Chapter 15


Traitor J Long contacts gang to tell secret destination, steals treasure map.


Chapter 16


Sky News: Curse mythical golden skull. Green & Charley


Chapter 17


The group set up base camp in old stockade on island.


Chapter 18


Long’s gang moor their vessel and sneak up on the treasure seekers  


Chapter 19


Gang sabotage the Swan, disabling communications and drive


Chapter 20


Gang imprison Toffs group in stockade including the lad and his sister


Chapter 21


Gang force Storm to decipher the treasure map, using hostage lever


Chapter 22


Trek through jungle upriver into mountains to find the treasure


Chapter 23


False alarm as they find WW2 airplane wreckage and skeletons


Chapter 24


Cave with Gold Skull is shrine, 2 pirates die horribly (Indiana Jones) but treasure is taken to pirates ship. JS escapes


Chapter 25


Pirate guards get increasingly restless, injure girl, stockade barricade


Chapter 26


At Stockade John Long saves the lad from being murdered


Chapter 27


JS is forced to makeshift repair to the Swan since Dan is also a captive


Chapter 28


Storm does deal with Long in return for amnesty and Dan's release


Chapter 29


Rescue of crew from remaining pirates, some die others escape island with Lord Hunt as hostage. Curse gets to pirates


Chapter 30


Storm radios Green for US Navy support


Chapter 31


Navy sinks pirate vessel, Lord Hunt and pirates rescued - with golden skull


Chapter 32


Black beard’s treasure goes back to a watery grave


Chapter 33


Honours from grateful Government and prize money


Chapter 34


Gold Skull disappears in mysterious circumstances after handover


Chapter 35


Thieves ship sinks in freak Bermuda weather with loss of hands and skull




Barbary coast – Tortugas legacy.


80 20’N, 780 W





The main characters follow on from the Kulo-Luna story, through Cleopatra The Mummy, into Treasure Island.





Billy (Bones) One Eye - Pirate sailor, marksman ex marine SBS

Captain Nemo - AI onboard computer system

Charley Temple - Researcher & camerawoman

Dan Hawk - Electronics & computer wizard

Elizabeth Swann - Fastest solar ship & floating laboratory

George Franks - Legal and intelligence trust manager

Jack Boon (Black Jack) – Pirate computer expert hacker

Jill Bird - BBC news anchor

John Storm - Ocean adventurer

Lord James Huntington - Opportunist, British Geographical Society

Professor Douglas Storm

Robin (John) Longstride – Pirate leader, bare knuckle fighter 

Scott Tremaine – Treasure hunting professional & ships captain

Shui Razor - Japanese privateer

Sir Rodney Baskerville - Professor of Maritime History

Steve Green - Freelance reporter

Suki Hall - Marine biologist

Tom Hudson - Sky News Editor 

William Gray - Cashiered US Navy Captain, snitch & mastermind










John Storm

 –  Adventurer  –   

Dan Hawk

 –  Electronics Wizard  –   

George Franks

 –  Solicitor based in Sydney  –   

Lord Huntington

 –  Explorer and historian  –   

Scott Tremaine

 –  Treasure hunter  –   

Sir Rodney Baskerville

 –  Professor of History  –   

Steve Green

 –  Freelance Reporter  –   

Charley Temple

 –  Camerawoman  –   

Jill Bird

 –  BBC Newsnight Presenter  –   

Brian Bassett

 –  Editor the Independent   –   

Tom Hudson

 –  Sky News Editor  –   

John Longstride

 –  Pirate leader, bare knuckle fighter  –   

William Gray

 –  Cashiered US Navy Captain  –   

Jack Boon (Black Jack)

 –  Pirate computer expert   –   

Billy One Eye

 –  Pirate sailor, marksman ex army  –   



The Golden Skull, Blackbeard's pirate treasure island adventure


The Golden Skull








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510,30’N, 00   – His mobile chimed the French national anthem, loud and somewhat irritatingly, which reminded Steve Green to take the time to choose another ringtone. 

“Hi Tom, what’s new?” 

“Ya, that’s why I’m calling you isn’t it. Listen Steve, get me what you can on the Hispaniola project – usual rates plus a bonus if you dig up anything about this curse.” 

“Gotcha chief.”

 Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse, he thought. Charley and Steve had been working to expose a local scandal in Florida, but that could wait.

“Good evening, I’m David Steel for the late edition of Sky News at 10:00.” The screen flickered in the airport lounge. 

“It was revealed today that the expedition headed by Lord Hunt to the Caribbean includes the search for a mythical treasure said to be made of pure gold. The expedition destination is Crooked Island also know as Skull Island by many local elders. Many of the island rituals include witchcraft and voodoo." ……………………..













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The Golden Skull, Blackbeard's Pirate Treasure desert island






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