Planet earth is uniue in all the universe for its abundance and variety of animals, every one of which should be protected




A to Z related links:





Bald Eagle GeoResources

A-Level section




Engineering Triumphs -
The Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline


Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill







Virtual Antarctica














Encarta article on Brazil


An excellent resource about all aspects of Brazil

Brazillian Embassy - UK - Brazil in the secondary school

A superb resource designed to help teachers planning their programmes for Key Stage 3 and for GCSE and for Scottish Standard Grade examinations. All sections have a Word format version that can be downloaded by clicking the "Associated Files" button on the right. Ideal for students completing research into Brazil. There are 13 different topics covering on the site.

Brazil (CIA World Fact book) -

Brazil's vital statistics

Brazil Flags

World Flag Database

Brazil information


Brazil - Info Please

The learning Network provided by info please presents encyclopedia information about Brazil.

Eye on Brazil

A superb resources about Brazil on the Global Eye Web Site - Aimed at Pirmary level - but a good introduction for all!






Canada Centre for Remote Sensing


Canadian Association of Geographers


Canadian Communities Atlas


Canadian Forest Service


Canadian Ice Service


Canadian Information by Subject

National Library of Canada

Canadian Soil Information System


Environmental Systems Research Institute

GIS Schools and Library Program (Canada)

Geological Survey of Canada Geomatics Canada GeoSources

(Canadian Council for Geographic Education)

Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System


Historical Atlas of Canada


National Atlas of Canada Online


National Earthquake Hazards Programme


Parks Canada


Statistics Canada



Coasts and Coastal Erosion

Anglia Campus - Coastal Landform

This is a excellent all round site about coastal landforms.

Cliff erosion at the Holderness Coast


Coastal erosion resources


Coastal landforms


Coastal processes

An excellent site about coastal erosion and landforms.

Coastal zone management


Coasts revision vocabulary


East Yorkshire Coast - Geology and Geomorphology


Erosion of the Holderness Coast


Formation of a bays and headlands

An excellent page with lots of animations

Formation of a cliff and a wave-cut platform

An excellent page with lots of animations

Formation of stacks arches and stumps


Holderness Coast Project Sea defences


Spurn Head

A video about Spurn






Country listings

CIA World Fact Book

CIA world fact book

Contains information and statistics on every country in the world!

Icelandic Tourist Board Web Site

An excellent site covering many aspects of one of Europe's most beautiful countries!

India Links


Lonely Planet

Contains information about every country in the world (well almost!!)

Virtual World and city tours







A straight forward site covering the main aspects of desertification (text heavy)


A page by the Canadian International Development Information Centre

Desertification Lesson Plans

A range of lessons plans and resources covering desertification.

Mr. dowling's Electronic Passport - Deserts and the Sahel


Population Reference Bureau

Africa's Struggle With Desertification 

The Environment - A Global Challenge

A c omprehensive site on the environment. With 400 articles and 811 pages, the site covers every aspect of the environment and provides many interactive features. Take a look at the desertification page

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

A web site covering a wide range of issues relating to desertification by The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. There are a range of fact sheets on this site:

The causes of desertification
The Consequences of desertification









Economic Geography

UK National Statistics




The Pacific Rim


The Welsh Development Authority


The Welsh Development Authority - Investors in Wales - Lucky Goldstar





General Ecosystems Sites

Map and links to biome pages


BBC Bitesize Revision


A comprehensive site covering all the world's major ecosystems

The Evergreen Project - Biomes of the world

An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources - TOP SITE!

Sustainability 2000


What is an ecosystem?

BBC Bitesize Revision

World ecosystems

BBC Bitesize Revision

World ecosystem map


Arid areas/Deserts


A detailed description of deserts

Deserts - Links

A page containing lots of links to sites related to Deserts.

The Desert Biome


The Evergreen Project - Deserts

An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the desert biome

Equatorial/Tropical Rainforest

Amazon Interactive




Deforestation in the Amazon


Help with rainforest reports

Probably the best rainforest portal on the internet. You will probably find EVERYTHING you need on this site.

Jungle Photos


Lots of images of the Amazon Rainforest - photographs, satellite images etc.

The Evergreen Project - Rainforests

An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the rainforest biome

Play with a tree frog in South America


Rainforest alliance

A very good rainforest site.

Rainforest Action Network

A range of resources related to the rainforest. Check out the Kids' Corner!

Rainforest Links

Lot's of links to web sites about tropical rainforests

Rainforest Web

World Rainforest Portal

Science in the Rainforest

Take a walk in the Rainforest

Science in the Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest Animals

The Causes of Tropical Deforestation


The causes of rainforest destruction

A very detailed page covering the causes of rainforest destruction - well recommended. From the Rainforest Information Centre Educational Supplement

The Rainforest

Kids action Questions and answers




The Evergreen Project - Grasslands

An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the grassland (prairies) biome


The Evergreen Project - Taiga

An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the taiga biome


Detailed information about the Taiga biome

Taiga - links

A page containing lots of links to sites related to Taiga


The Evergreen Project - Tundra

An excellent web site containing a huge range of resources about the tundra biome

Tundra - links

page containing lots of links to sites related to Tundra.



Tundra - The not-so barren land


The Tundra Biome





Energy Education

California Energy Commission




Acid Rain


Acid Rain


Climate Problems - Acid Rain

Many links to sites containing information about acid rain.



Environmental index -

Links to pages with information about - Waste management and recycling transport air pollution global warming noise pollution ozone layer depletion water resources alternative and renewable energy resources acid rain



EPA Global Warming Site


Friends of The Earth Homepage


Forest for life

Part of the WWF site (not the wrestling site!)

Greenpeace International


Ozone layer


Save our Earth


Soil Erosion


The Dust Bowl


World Environmental Change

BBC's Landmarks brings you information about world environmental change. The site includes information about Wetlands, Dry lands, Cities, The Sea and Forests




European Union


European Union Homepage














Farming Terms

Farming dictionary by the NFU

The Green Revolution - Definition


The Green Revolution - India


Irrigated Rice


MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries


Rice Web


Rice World - open your eyes to rice





Flags of all countries

A site developed by USA Immigration

Flags of The World


Field Work


Chi Squared


Questionnaires in Fieldwork


Spearman Rank





Regions in France





GIS - Geographical Information Systems

GIS Net links



Geography - reference and links

Bald Eagle GeoResources


Basic Geography Links


Definitive Geographical Links from

Geography Glossary



Geographical Association


Geography at

 An excellent site which contains many geography links and resources brought to you from (formerly the Mining.CO.)

Geography Links

Curriculum adventures

Geography exchange - links


Geography Departments World-wide


Geography Links


Geography Links at Eduweb


Geography Pages

The School Page

Geography Standard Grade

Scottish Standard Grade and GCSE Geography. Lots of links and interactive games.

Geography World

An outstanding Geography Site. A vast range of links and activities.

Helping your child learn geography


Kai's Geography Links


Nelson/Thornes Geography

Nelson/Thornes publishers provide a range of resources for geographers

National Geographic


The Geography Portal 

An excellent site. Well recommended!

Geography Games

Country and Capitals Quiz


Geography Games


Geography Games


Geography World Concentration Game - Tectonics


Geography World - Flashcards Game


Geography World - Matching Game - Tectonics


Geography World - Matching Game


Geography World - Wordsearch Puzzle - Tectonics




Key Stage 3 Geography Quizzes


Physical geography Quiz


United Kingdom Quiz


USA quiz


Water quiz


GCSE Revision


Coasts revision vocabulary


Freeserve Revision

An excellent set of resources to help with revision. Lots of gap fill exercises and exam questions that can be completed off-line then marked online


BBC GCSE Geography revision site.

GCSE Revision - Glaciation NEAB Syllabus A revision booklets

Three revision books produced by staff at Castleford High School Technology College.

Homework Resource

GCSE and A-Level notes

Project GCSE - Revision

This site is a revision site for ALL subjects!

Revision techniques - mind mapping



A superb revision site containing lots of revision notes. Many of the pages contain flash animations. There are also lots of practice exam questions.





Corrie glaciers - Helvellyn

A great case study of a corrie glacier in the UK. Ideal for GCSE

How glaciers erode and transport sediment

Geography Exchange

GCSE Revision - Glaciation


Glacial deposition features


Glacial revision vocabulary


Glacial Terminology Glaciers -

features of alpine glaciation

Glaciers and Glacial features


Glaciers, ice sheets and icebergs - Net links


Glacier Quiz



360 3D view of Helvellyn



How glaciers form and flow


Illustrated Glossary of Alpine


Glacial Landforms


Introduction to Glaciation


Ice caps


Ice Paper Model


Practice glaciers test


Valley Glaciers


Global Fashion Industry

Trading trainers and the trading game

Reviews of trading trainers and the trading game by students at Hampstead Comprehensive school, London.

The Global Fashion industry

A superb case study by Global Eye.

Unfair Trade

A web site set up by Noel Jenkins and his students at Hampstead Comprehensive school who were features on the Mark Thomas Product. The site highlights human issues surrounding global trade. An excellent example of good practice.


Nike Links

Below are a series of links to web sites/pages concerned with the exploitation of Indonesian factory workers producing trainers for Nike's subcontractors.


Boycott Nike

A focus on Nike in Vietnam

Guardian Unlimited - Net Notes for Nike

An online guide covering the 2001 report by the Global Alliance for workers and communities into the working conditions of Indonesia factory workers producing Nike trainers.

Global Exchange - Nike Campaign

A campaign by Global Exchange (a non-profit research, education, and action center dedicated to promoting people-to-people ties around the world) targeting the exploitation of factory workers by Nike. You should take a look at the frequently asked questions section on this site for information about Nike. The links page contains lots of links to web sites and pages related to this area.

Global Alliance for workers and communities report - Nike in Indonesia

The 2001 report based on interviews with workers in 17 factories in Indonesia that highlighted the unacceptable working conditions of many employees. The report was partly funded by Nike who contributed 5.4m to the study.

Global Fashion Industry Links

Lots of links to sites associated with the global fashion industry by Clean Slate Geography Resources.


Nike homepage

Nike - Code of conduct

The Labour Code of conduct

Nike article in the New York Times

Nike Shoe Plant in Vietnam Is Called Unsafe for Workers.....



Globalisation and Trade

Article by Global Eye.

Global Warming


Climatic Change

Excellent overview of 'Global Warming'- broken into three sections.

EPA Global Warming Site


Global Warming












Homework Central


Homework Elephant


Homework Elephant -Geography Page


Homework High

Channel 4 Homework Help Site

Hull and its local area

Aerial Photographs of Hull


The North East History Pages


Hull 700 Links

Links to Hull sites

Hull Weather Forecast


Hull's Fishing Industry - Heritage in Photographs


Virtual Hull

This one is for the locals!!





Global Fashion Industry Links

Industry - Revision

BBC Bitesize revision - A good overview of industry

Italia on-line






Italia on-line


Italy - A brief overview

Information about working, studying, and living in Italy


CIA World Fact Book

Italy - Background Notes


Italy - Info Please!


Italy for visitors


Italy - Lonely Planet

Background and tourist information about Italy







Japan - CIA World Fact Book


Japan Festival Education Trust

Japan Festival Education Trust is a registered educational charity which was set up in 1992 in response to the great interest shown by schools involved in the Japan Festival 1991. It aims to support teachers of any subject or age group in the UK wishing to teach about Japan.

Japan In Figures

Detailed statistics on Japan

Japan Information Network


Japanese National Tourist Organisation


Kobe Earthquake 1995


Kids web - Japan

Lots of Information on Japan

Minimata Bay disaster


The way we are

Photos and illustrations highlighting the immense variety of lifestyles and personalities of Japanese high school students.






CIA World Fact Book

Kenya map, flag, anthem and weather


Kenya Web

The Kenya's Definitive Internet Resource

Links2Go Kenya





Limestone - see:    Rock, Geology and Geomorphology




Maps Blank Outline Maps

Look no further if you are in need of a blank outline maps of any country in the world.

City Maps

A great site containing links to maps of many of the world's largest cities


Listings and information from Infoplease

Country listings

CIA World Fact Book

CIA world fact book

Contains information and statistics on every country in the world!

Excite Maps


Images of the earth from NASA


Map Quest




Outline Maps


Outline Maps


Working with maps

Xerox Parc Map Viewer

If you want to create a map this site is excellent










National Parks



Council for NPs


National Parks of England

Countryside Agency

Brecon Beacons National Park


The Peak District National Park


The Peak District National Park - Map


The Peak District National Park - Castleton - A Tourist Village?



Natural Hazards and Plate Tectonics








Plate Tectonics


Alfred Wegener


Alfred Wegener


Continental Drift and Plate tectonics


CTI centre for Geography, Natural Hazards and Disasters


Experience Disasters


Discovery Online - Planet Earth


Earth - Interesting Facts about the Earth


Femma for kids - Disaster area


Folding, faulting and mountains


Pacific ring of fire

A map of the Pacific ring of fire

Pacific Ring of Fire - geography at


Pacific ring of fire

A map of the Pacific ring of fire

Pacific - Ring of Fire

An excellent article on the BBC News Web Site

Plate tectonics

A straight forward easy to understand site about plate tectonics

Plate tectonics


Plate tectonics


Plate tectonics and continental drift


Plate tectonics - the cause of earthquakes


Plates of the world


Structure of the earth

Detailed information on the structure of the earth

Structure of the earth


Structure of a composite volcano


This Dynamic Earth



Earth changes - Volcanoes


Images of Volcanoes


Italy's Volcanoes

A huge range of resources about Italy's volcanoes. Recommended!

Montserrat volcano observatory


Mount Etna


Mount Pinatubo

The earth shook and the day turned to night

Mount Pinatubo

The revered mountains, the feared volcano

Mount Pinatubo

The sleeping giant awakens

Mount St. Helens


Mount St. Helens

Photo archives

Mount St Helens


Narrative of Mount St. Helens

Very good case study information.

Volcanic humour


Volcanic photo glossary


Volcano World

A great site. Colourful and packed with up to date information


A great site - Easy to understand


A great site about the location of volcanoes



Volcanoes - Earth Changes


Volcanoes Online

A brilliant site about plate tectonics and volcanoes. This site includes a data base of volcanoes, games and the comic adventures of Galvin.

Why do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?




1994 Northridge Earthquake

The 1994 California earthquake.

California has its faults


Current earthquakes


Detecting earthquakes


Earthquakes - A great site - easy to understand!






Earthquakes - Eyewitness Accounts


Earthquake Myths


Earthquakes - The Richter Scale


Earthquakes - Why the earth shakes


Electronic Volcano


Eye witness accounts of earthquakes


Global earthquake map


Global earthquake report


Global Earthquake Response Centre


Kobe earthquake

Excellent case study information on the 1995 earthquake.

Kobe earthquake

Video clip of the earthquake

Kobe earthquake


Largest earthquakes in the USA


Mercalli scale


Predicting Earthquakes


Richter scale


San Andreas fault zone


Turkish Earthquake


Turkish Earthquake Pics


Understanding Earthquakes - Animation


Why do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?




Tsunami - USGS Menu page - lots of information



A great site - easy to understand

Natural Hazards


Natural Disasters Project

A fantastic overview of natural disasters - Easy to understand!

Savage Earth Online


Why do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?


Newly Industrialised Countries

The Asian economies


The Pacific Rim












Air pollution

An excellent site about air pollution. Great for Science and Geography

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill






Demographics, Development impacts and urban planning

Demographic data


Demographic Transition Model - 1


Historical world population growth


History of human population growth


How many people can the earth support?


International Population Pyramids


IDB Population Statistics


IDB Summary Demographic Data


Malthus' essay on population


Malthus' population theory


Population Clock


Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

A definitive guide to population issues. The site contains a range of invaluable resources for example:
The Population Story
The graphs and figures in this notebook and accompanying notes describe major demographic trends for the world and its regions throughout history and into the next century.
World population data sheet
Educators Forum
The World of Child Six Billion

World Resources Institute


Population pyramids

Population pyramids of every country in the world - EXCELLENT

Population Pyramid Animation


US Census Bureau World population

A very interesting site. Tell the site your age and it will tell you how many people there were in the world when you were born! The site also includes some fantastic animations. Strongly recommended!!

World population concentration




World population density


World population from 1950 to 2050


World population growth


World Overpopulation Awareness


World urban areas population and density 1991


Regions in France








Amazon Interactive




Deforestation in the Amazon


Play with a tree frog in South America


Rainforest alliance

A very good rainforest site.

Rainforest Action Network

A range of resources related to the rainforest. Check out the Kids' Corner!

Rainforest Links

Lot's of links to web sites about tropical rainforests

Science in the Rainforest

Take a walk in the Rainforest

Science in the Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest Animals

The Causes of Tropical Deforestation


The Rainforest

Kids action Questions and answers

The Rainforest Workshop




Rivers and Water

The Water Cycle


Rivers and River Basins



How the hydrological cycle works
A straighforward page about the water cycle - a good diagram illustrating the process.

The hydrological Cycle
More detailed and advanced information about the hydrological cycle - covers the main processes in depth

Fluvial revision vocabulary
Key terminology from the Geography Exchange

River links

River systems of the world

Rivers and flooding

Rivers - From Source to Sea

Rivers of The World

Running Water

The Watershed Game

Which river runs through it?

Water quiz


Water pollution

Case Study:
The River Nile

Case Study: Ganges/Brahmaputra

Case Study:
Floods 2000 (UK)

Nile Delta

Aswan Dam
Overview of the project. The page includes some good satelite photgraphs.

Aswan Dam Project
An excellent overview of the Aswan Dam project .

The Aswan High Dam on the River nile, Egypt
A straightforward overview of the Aswan Dam from Matt - the Geography Guide @ The article covers the main aspects of the construction and the advantages and disadvantages of the dam.












Soil Erosion



Soil Erosion


Sustainable Development

What is sustainable development?





Docklands Light Railway

Official web site of the DLR





UK Travel Guide


Virtual Tourist





Urbanisation and urban environments

Byker Redevelopment

Urban redevelopment in Newcastle

City Maps

A great site containing links to maps of many of the world's largest cities.

Largest cities in 1975


Largest cities in 2015


Three Models of urban Landuse


UN - Cyber School Bus


Urbanisation Cities of today, cities of tomorrow

A brilliant web site about urbanisation

Urban areas

BBC's Landmarks brings you information about cities. The site includes information about urban problems, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Transport problems.

Urban Case Studies


Urban Issues in Developing Countries


Urban Landuse - Residential Patterns and Change Urbanisation


Urbanisation in four countries


What is a city?


What makes a city grow?


World Urban Areas - Population and Density - 1991







See Volcanoes listed under Natural hazards and plate tectonics






See rivers and water





General Weather Sites




Extreme Weather

BBC Weather Centre
Weather information and forecasts from the BBC.
Dan's Wild Wild weather page
An informative site about different aspects of the weather by a TV weather man.
The Weather Channel
Weather information from the weather channel.

The Weather

General weather site made by students taking part in the Think Quest Challenge.
World Climate Figures
Weather information from
Weather @
A huge resource covering all aspects of the weather. Probably the best on the net!
The Weather and Disaster Directory
A huge directory of links to weather and disaster sites.
University of Michigan weather site
UM Weather, the Internet's premier source of weather information.

Cloud catalogue
Photographs and descriptions the different types of cloud

Current Tropical Storms
Up to date information on current tropical storms.
Geography Exchange EL Nino Links
Geography Exchange links page containing El Nino sites
The National Hurricane Centre
A huge volume of resource covering all aspects of hurricanes - an excellent site.
Fema - Hurricane Fact Sheet
Emergency Fact Sheet by about what to do in the event of a hurricane - by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
The Hurricane Hunters Home Page
The hme page of the The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters. This site contains llots of resources about hurricanes including a cyber flight through a hurricane!
Hurricane - A great site - easy to understand Hurricane - The Greatest Storm on earth


Global Warming

(The) Greenhouse Effect

Weather Forecasts

Global Climatic Change
The BBC web site examine the issue of global warming.


What is the Green House Effect?
Information on the greenhouse effect by the University of South Wales.


Hull Weather Forecast
Weather forecast from Yahoo!
Weather reports for the UK and Ireland
The Met. Office
Up to date weather reports from the UK Meteorological Office

Web Page Design

Geo links for web page design


Got HTML - The Basics HTML tags


Net Mag

Net Magazine - The Internet Bible!


Wind Erosion


The Dust bowl










Aden - Yemen









Aztecs - Mexico


Beachy Head, England



Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Bonneville, Utah - History


Brighton - West Pier

British Columbia



Canary Islands

Cape York - Au

Caribbean - Central America

Cayman Islands

Chichester Harbour


Columbia - S. America

Columbo - Sri Lanka

Cowes, Isle of Wight





Darwin - Australia

Daytona Beach - Florida USA


Eastbounre Pier, England





Falmouth, Cornwall





Galapagos Islands

Geography Links

Geography Records

Geography Resources



Geography Statistics


Gibraltar - Links




Holland the Nertherlands

Hollywood, California, LA

Hong Kong





Indonesia Links




Isle of Man

Isle of Wight - The Needles



Jakarta - Java



Kent, England



Life on Earth

London - Big Ben

London Eye

London Houses Parliament

London - Buckingham Palace

London - Old Bailey

London - Overview

London - The City

London - Tower Bridge

London - Trafalgar Square




Maya Empire - Central America

Melbourne, Australia



Naples- Italy

National Geographic

New York

New Zealand


Oceans and Seas


Palermo - Sicily



Palma - Malorca

Panama Canal - Links


Pendine Sands - Carmarthen

Planet Earth


Port Moresby - PNG

Port Said - Egypt





Salt Lake City - Utah

Saudi Arabia



South Africa

South America


Spain - Espana

Sri Lanka - Links


Suez Canal

Sussex, England Index



Sydney, Australia

Tahiti - Polynesia - Links



Tokyo, Japan

Tonga - Polynesia


Trinidad - Lesser Antilles


Tunbridge Wells, England


UAE - United Arab Emirates

UK Statistics


United Kingdom

United Kingdom - Gov







Washington D.C.

Wealden iron industry

Wendover, Utah

World Peace Supporters







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